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35 Strong! March 6, 2010

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Started school last Wednesday.  I wish that I could have been blogging more, but I don’t have my own computer.  Which is why I have started my new campaign of 35 strong.  I don’t know or even think 35 people have read my blog.  Take it sarcastically, jokingly, seriously or all of the above.  35 strong is a campaign where 35 people contribute 10 dollars each to Lisa Bickmore which enables me to then buy a laptop.  A 36th person is very welcome to join the campaign.  The 36th however has the responsibility of sending me some peanut butter as it appears China is all out.  I looked at the same grocery store for about an hour and even looked up how to say peanut butter in my cell phone dictionary.  Turns out it’s not in the dictionary either.

Having been in China for a week now I have learned that the natural meaning of Zhong Guo(China) is; Big and Cheap.  That is not one bit true, but they should consider changing the name, right?  I have met a few people. My roommate is from Japan.  His name is willy.  He speaks pretty close to fluent Chinese with a funny accent and no english.  Which is to my advantage in learning Chinese.  We both enjoy nintendo and movies.  We watched “Get Smart” last night.  I don’t know if I am suppose to like that movie or not, but I did.

Mom please notify the world of my 35 strong campaign!


7 Responses to “35 Strong!”

  1. Amelia Says:

    If you take the comment verification off, you might get a few more commenters… just a thought. Sophie and I agree to join the 35 strong campaign. Sign us up!

  2. lisab. Says:

    Yes, take the comment verif off. I’m in. Count me in for two.

    Walker keep blogging! Walker keep blogging!

  3. Abbey Says:

    yay for walker’s blog! i’m excited to hear all about the adventures! and jealous of them…i’m glad to hear things are going well so far, except for the peanut butter. I have a giant one that i don’t think I will ever use (thanks to dad cuz I have two giant ones) so maybe I will ask mom about how (or if) i can send it to you..love you!

    • Walker Says:

      Hey! I am doing great, thanks for helping me remember how to say peanut butter. Remember those way sweet shoes your sister bought you when she went to china? What was the brand? Did you end up teaching seminary, and if so how is it? Keep in touch.

  4. All the Singapore 2nd ward’s YSA and SA are ready to back you up. Just tell us more what to do. You mean what you say, brother. You’re the man!

    Anyway, Peanut Butter is called HUA1 SHENG2 JIANG4 in Singapore and Malaysia. Wish you the best in your study there. just in touch with us anytime if you need any help.

    We will read your blog always. Even I can’t wait for tomorrow to know how are you doing after heard from Stella you’re in BeiJing now.

  5. lesley Says:

    About the 35 campaign. Dream on.

  6. Kelly Says:

    Hahaha. That is pretty much the funniest thing I’ve heard (or read for that matter) all day! Props.

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