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Superstar March 10, 2010

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Finally the respect I deserve.  People look at me here like I am able to do anything.  On my first day of class here when the teacher discovered I was from America I think I saw a few tears trickle from his eyes.  Always referring to me as the American student and referring to me more often than others.  It was uniform for the other teacher…maybe it’s the standard around here.  I had some Chinese guy stop me on the street and ask if I knew how to teach English or in other words if I would teach him English.  Returning to my room a girl stopped kissing her boyfriend walked away from him and started kissing me!  The perks of being an American….alright, that last one isn’t all true.  She stopped kissing him walked up to me and asked if I would tutor her in math!?  Like it’s just okay to assume I am good at math?  I told her I was horrible at math and apologized.  Some Chinese lady on a train asked me to open a bottle of water for her, said she was unable.  I instantly open it for her and realize my nephews could have opened that bottle of water and my nieces!  She was either hitting on me or is suffering from some sort of bottle opening disease.

Just arriving to walkerinchina.wordpress.com anybody and I mean anybody can leave a comment.  I think, so give it a go and tell me what you are up to.


Peanut Butter

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That’s the last time I ever give Lesley 10 dollars! (see comments for 35 strong!)  I’ve fallen ill.  During class on Tuesday I wasn’t feeling well so right after class I returned home to sleep on my rock hard bed.  I woke up from that nap with a fever and a head ache.  I decided not to attend class on Wednesday, but to rest instead.  After I woke up I thought, maybe all I need is some food that I am used to.  Went to the shop on campus and wouldn’t ya know it…Peanut Butter, but no honey.  I reluctantly purchased some apple jam and some 3rd rate bread.  My roommate returned to the room 30 minutes later saying:  “Guess what I found?”  It was peanut butter.  Now none of you need to worry, I have 2 jars of peanut butter, 1 jar of jam, and I know where to buy honey.  Also I don’t feel sick anymore.


35 Strong! March 6, 2010

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Started school last Wednesday.  I wish that I could have been blogging more, but I don’t have my own computer.  Which is why I have started my new campaign of 35 strong.  I don’t know or even think 35 people have read my blog.  Take it sarcastically, jokingly, seriously or all of the above.  35 strong is a campaign where 35 people contribute 10 dollars each to Lisa Bickmore which enables me to then buy a laptop.  A 36th person is very welcome to join the campaign.  The 36th however has the responsibility of sending me some peanut butter as it appears China is all out.  I looked at the same grocery store for about an hour and even looked up how to say peanut butter in my cell phone dictionary.  Turns out it’s not in the dictionary either.

Having been in China for a week now I have learned that the natural meaning of Zhong Guo(China) is; Big and Cheap.  That is not one bit true, but they should consider changing the name, right?  I have met a few people. My roommate is from Japan.  His name is willy.  He speaks pretty close to fluent Chinese with a funny accent and no english.  Which is to my advantage in learning Chinese.  We both enjoy nintendo and movies.  We watched “Get Smart” last night.  I don’t know if I am suppose to like that movie or not, but I did.

Mom please notify the world of my 35 strong campaign!