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Read About Me! Guaranteed good time February 24, 2010

Well? Go ahead, what do you want to know? Yes, I actually do know how to play Chinese Chess, but lets be realistic here…did you really want to know if I knew how to play Chinese Chess? Oh, you would like to learn how to play? Well I’ll tell you what, just give me a ring or an email and I can teach you in a jiffy.
I am a pretty active person unless there is a computer within 20 feet (seriously unfortunate, I doubt my dorm room has 20 sq ft.). I enjoy reading, but I don’t read that often. I love to run, but need a coach better than myself. I love to play and watch basketball, but not college basketball. I served in the Singapore-Malaysia mission (I am Mormon) and was sent Chinese Mandarin speaking. I am currently studying Mandarin In Beijing. No, I don’t have a Chinese girlfriend, not yet at least. When I get back to the states in July nobody should feel the need to be shy, please treat me to Mexican food at any given time. Asia can make you go loco if you know what I mean… If there is anything else you would like to know read my other blog posts, oh and anyone is allowed to post a comment so please feel free to criticize, tease, laugh, or compliment.


One Response to “Read About Me! Guaranteed good time”

  1. hightouchmegastore Says:

    Great profile. When you come home, there will be Mexican food galore.

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