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100/2 Reasons May 9, 2010

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Why I am grateful that you are my mother.

1.  You care.

2.  You know who the butthole surfers are (what mom knows that?).  aka that’s incredibly awesome knowledge.

3.  You encourage/support my dreams when nobody else does (sometimes not even me).

4.  You let us keep Bruiser.  All of you who express dislike of Bruiser can leave.

5.  My friends are also your friends.  This is a quality most mothers seem to be incapable of.

6.  5 albums and a drive to Idaho, I told you the Foo Fighters were good.

7.  You are really good at making the few things I am willing to eat.  You’d go nuts if you could see all the things I’ve eaten in Asia.

8.  I love to tell people that my mom is a published poet. (who can say that?)

9.  You let me be me.

10.  I promise you we will do that road trip.

11.  We clearly have the best collaborative music taste in the family.

12. I told you I was going to stop watching rated R movies and you said: “What?! No! Why?”

13.  You are in my top 3 best friends along with Bruiser and Mexican food, it’s hard list to make.

14.  You are a vegetarian, but you should really be labeled “Rebelles Végétarienne”

15.  When I served a mission I often got to say: “actually my family does eat rice, quite often.”

16.  Every time Bruiser yelps you think its my fault…hilarious

17.  One time you told me that you liked Dustin because he laughed at your jokes…

18.  For about a months time we did weekly DI shopping…maybe longer, yikes.

19.  My favorite thing you purchased at the DI was a set of sciptures (Brown Bible, black triple) with somebodies name printed on it.

20.  I promise I will take you out to lunch.

21.  Your sarcastic remarks every time Abbey and I said thanks and I love you when you bought us something.

22.  You know we love you.

23.  Suggest a musician and she has instantly purchased it on the internet.  Will she get around to listening to it?  Maybe.

24.  My mom could beat your mom in a poetry jam session.

25.  Movie trivia.

26.  Despite the Insomnia she still rises early to make sure we get to school.

27.  Don’t recall a race or game she didn’t come to.

28.  Pretty good at keeping the house stocked with fruit snacks.  Which is amazing because I eat them at an incredible rate.

29.  She cut the pickles just right for my hot dogs.  It makes a difference.

30.  What do you want from China?

31.  It’s good to have an artist prepare your food.

32.  Half of the views on my blog are probably from you.

33.  You are computer literate.

34.  You like the movies that I made.

35.  The movies you made are beautiful.  I was super proud of you.

36.  You sincerely care for people that you know and for people that you don’t.

37.  After swearing you wouldn’t shop at Target again…

38.  One time going out to hang with my friends just to show everyone how cool my mom was.  You asked where we were going and I shouted that we were going to the moon and then shut the door.

39.  You called 10 minutes later.

40.  We will sit down and talk for as long as you want/need.  I want to.

41.  School Night 11 P.M.  Me: “Mom we are going bowling at Bonwood.”  You:  “Are you sure?”  Me: “yeah.” You: “okay…”

42.  You told me we couldn’t trick or treat past 10:30…I was 18

43.  When we went to see avatar…you asked what I wanted as a treat.  I didn’t want anything because I felt it was too expensive you then sternly said:  “have you eaten anything yet today (1pmish)?”  Me: “no…” you: “ugh!…what do you want?”  I got a hot dog, sprite, and some popcorn.

44.  While serving a mission you almost didn’t tell me you were going to see Ben Folds in concert because you didn’t want to make me sad.

45.  You emailed me almost every week of my mission and kept me updated on those who were incapable of emailing.

46.  You/John let the shed exist during High School.

47.  I love you .

48.  I love you.  I love you.

49.  I love you!  I love you!.  I love you!

50.  I will try and be at the same place for the next Mother’s day.  Love Walker

Don’t forget numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.