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Xi an April 30, 2010

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That is a place in China, and I am traveling there this weekend. It is suppose to be beautiful. I am traveling with two people from Taiwan and another from Macau. Don’t know what/where Macau is? It’s an island near Hong Kong. It should be fun and fairly cheap because we are staying in a hostel.
Bored yet! Well I will take a near one million pictures and probably post about 3. China’s been cool, we had testing all week and I think I did pretty good. I think two Russian girls that sat behind me during the listening test were either cheating with each other or cheating off of my paper. They were talking the whole time, shoot I would’ve copied off me, my Chinese sounds dang impressive! Just the other day when I was out buying some rice the guy yelled: “Whooaaaaa!” And then he did a double back-flip.


4 Responses to “Xi an”

  1. Amelia Says:

    I do like to read about you, it is a guaranteed good time. I have a friend from Taiwan. And so do you. Awesome.

  2. lisab. Says:

    Double back flip. Wish I’d been there to see it. What’s that you say? you were “exaggerating”? Well, I also want to see more than three of those one million photos of Xi An. You need you a Flickr account. Hope you have an awesome time.

  3. curtis Says:

    Couldn’t resist throwing the old “buying rice in China” joke, could you? Try not to be so blatantly racist, Walker.

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