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I was taken…on 1-2 things. April 28, 2010

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I went to the company today to collect my salary as the Russians would put it and I was near a part of Beijing that is pretty popular. I am not normally in this area so I went to check it out. I walked around and saw the stuff, people kept asking me in broken English if I wanted to buy stuff, and so on. I head back to the train station to head home. To get through the train station you have to walk through a mall, and wouldn’t you know it Fang Jing is waiting right there to talk to me. Some of you may be asking: “Who is Fang Jing?” Others may be asking: “Who the hell is Fang Jing?” and of course the rest of you are asking: “Why did walker use the wording ‘wouldn’t you know it’?” Well she is just a Chinese girl that was looking for an opportunity to practice her English and lucky for her I was American and lucky for me reason
No 1. She was pretty cute
No. 2 The same age as me
No.3 We ended up speaking Chinese about 75% of the time
Her approach was maybe we can get a cup of coffee and chat-I don’t drink coffee
Haha, ok tea-I don’t drink tea, maybe soda
We end up going to a tea shop, I asked her do they have anything else I can drink? We then asked the staff.
We have coffe-I don’t drink coffee
We have tea-I don’t drink tea
We have beer-I don’t drink beer
We have wine-I don’t drink wine, I don’t drink alcohol
I then asked do you guys have chrysanthemum tea?( it is a flower tea which is ok for mormons to drink) They fortunately did. She drank the more sinful green tea while i drank my less sinful chrysanthemum tea. It wasn’t anything better than I had had before, I actually preferred the juice box version which I had drank several times in Malaysia and Singapore…I know typical Walker right.
List 2
1. She invited me to drink tea with her
2. She asked for the bill
3. When it was announced that the bill was 325 dollars she ducked her head
4. I was shocked, why the hell was this crappy tea 325 dollars
5. I motioned that we each pay for our own
6. She blurted out, “In China!…” didn’t finish, but she was going to say that the bill is paid for by one person
7. If you refer to no’s one and two you will realize she should have paid
8. She only had 50 dollars
9. I spent more money than I ever had on a beverage in my whole life…275 yuan. that’s like 40 US dollars
I came home and told my roommate about the whole experience. He thinks I was cheated on 1 or maybe even 2 accounts. The first being the girl was in cahoots with the restaurant to fool an innocent (me) foreigner. The second being she was clueless and the restaurant just cheated us. Anyhow I plan on asking my teacher if I was cheated or if there really are tea places that are that expensive. It was pretty nice inside…Nevertheless, how ridiculous is that? If my teacher said I was cheated I will either a.) burn the place down or b.)go get my money back and pee all over the floor in the bathroom.


7 Responses to “I was taken…on 1-2 things.”

  1. Amelia Says:

    Burn. Did she get your info? like email address? if no, i think you were taken… sorry to tell you. But hey, makes for a good story, less sinful chrysanthemum tea is my favorite part.

    • Walker Says:

      Yes Amelia we did exchange phone numbers, I honestly don’t think she cheated me, but I guess it’s possible the shop cheated me…if not that is some damn expensive tea.

  2. Jimmy Says:

    that’s flipping hilarious! Did you display your disgust to the store owners as you paid for the tea?

  3. hightouchmegastore Says:


    This is an impressive “when I was in Beijing” story, which I predict you will get plenty of mileage out of, now and for the rest of your life.

  4. Jordan Vance Says:

    Wow, this experience somewhat reminded me of Matchstick Men. However, I’m quite curious as why tea is looked upon as bad to the mormon religion? I guess the same for coffee? Regardless, it seems like a sketchy situation. If you need some muscle to get your money back, let me know.

  5. Taylor Says:

    It is so absoeffinlutely HILARIOUS!! the thought of typical walker, who indulges himself with malaysian’s chrysanthemum tea got ripped off in china… priceless. *sigh* This is somethin i could share with Esther, Kelly and JW.. they’d die- period. great stuff anyways.

  6. curtis Says:

    Hey Walker. How do you say “crooked bitch” in Chinese. Settle this the AMERICAN way…street violence.

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