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A take it eassy… April 20, 2010

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For the most part I would say my job is going good. Some of the translation is really difficult, some really easy, but for the most part it is an intermediate level. Mind all of you I took this job without any training, literally i had 0 training. “We will send you some documents to translate.” I got the documents and I translated them, sent them in, no problem right? A week after starting my Russian boss calls while I am eating lunch and goes nuts, crazy yelling at me. Imagine all of the following quotes in a russian accent. You are supposed to fill out a work report everyday walker! Okay, should be no problem right, next time you hire why don’t you go ahead and inform me. (by the way i was sending in work reports to the guy i work directly under, he didn’t pass them to her). Walker you are working to slow, it has been a week already and you haven’t finished any documents! Wait, what? I gave 3 of them to Maksim (yet again the guy I work under) on the day they were due. Walker! they are suppose to have chinese and english on the same page! Hey, Zerena (boss’s name) that would have been real cool if somebody told me, I was told to translate which is what I did. Working too slow! Zerena one document had about40 chinese idioms (chinese sayings) that only a native will understand, the rest of us chumps have to look it up in a dictionary. “Oh,” zerena replies it has idiom’s. No wonder this translation took longer. So long story short, apparently they have no clue what documents they are sending me. Hopefully now that things are a little bit clearer I will never have to talk to zerena until i give her back her laptop when I quit this job in about 2 months. Even though she was incredibly rude I will keep the job for the experience. Obviously they should have told me how to do it rather than assuming I would just do it how they wanted. Crazy, huh? Is this what’s it’s like to have a real job? I don’t know if my job is real or not, I think it’s close though. My boss’s new name is Crazy Boss 3000, I think she is featured as one of the main boss’s of those old video games I used to play…


5 Responses to “A take it eassy…”

  1. hightouchmegastore Says:

    The way to think about this is, it gives you great stories to put on your blog. Or in your screenplay, if you happen to be writing a screenplay, which if you aren’t, why not?

    Awesome story, by the way. Sorry about the yelling.

  2. Amelia Says:

    Yes. That is what it is like to have a job. What a beech.

  3. Steve B Says:

    yes, this can be like the “real” world. Let’s hope your boss doesn’t have enough time to read your blog.

    A successful new employee doesn’t wait to be told– they try to ask a ton of questions and send stuff in while requesting feedback and follow up.


  4. sophia Says:

    I was dying to see what dad was going to comment, it did not disappoint.

  5. Jimmy Says:

    hahahaha… Bro, your dad’s comment is golden.

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