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As Promised April 16, 2010

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Just as I said, if I got a computer of my own I would blog more often.  Thanks to the 35 strong campaign earning a total of 0 dollars my goal was accomplished, seriously you guys really sucked that campaign up.  I decided to take the advice of Curtis and get a job(see posts on “superstar”). This job so happened to provide a laptop for me while I am here.  I am translating documents for internet computer games that you may have played before on facebook.  I translate them from Chinese to English.  Curtis I am also in search of a motor scooter to scoot my way along the streets of China.  I know it’s no car, but it gets the job done.  I work about 3 hrs a day, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.  I think it will end up looking good on a resume and I am getting paid to learn lots of new vocab.  Which is why I came here anyway right?  My blog kicks ass, goodbye.


4 Responses to “As Promised”

  1. Amelia Says:

    Finally… what the world has been waiting for, a blog from Walker.
    Be careful driving in Chinese traffic… I hear it is crrrrrrrrrrrrazy.

  2. Walker Says:

    It is crazy! fortunately for me the scooter thing was all a lie.

  3. hightouchmegastore Says:

    Yes, I was a tad bit alarmed about the scooter. Whew. Glad you’re blogging though. MORE. Every day? or every other day? with pictures?

  4. isaac Says:

    You should at least get a bike.

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