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Superstar March 10, 2010

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Finally the respect I deserve.  People look at me here like I am able to do anything.  On my first day of class here when the teacher discovered I was from America I think I saw a few tears trickle from his eyes.  Always referring to me as the American student and referring to me more often than others.  It was uniform for the other teacher…maybe it’s the standard around here.  I had some Chinese guy stop me on the street and ask if I knew how to teach English or in other words if I would teach him English.  Returning to my room a girl stopped kissing her boyfriend walked away from him and started kissing me!  The perks of being an American….alright, that last one isn’t all true.  She stopped kissing him walked up to me and asked if I would tutor her in math!?  Like it’s just okay to assume I am good at math?  I told her I was horrible at math and apologized.  Some Chinese lady on a train asked me to open a bottle of water for her, said she was unable.  I instantly open it for her and realize my nephews could have opened that bottle of water and my nieces!  She was either hitting on me or is suffering from some sort of bottle opening disease.

Just arriving to walkerinchina.wordpress.com anybody and I mean anybody can leave a comment.  I think, so give it a go and tell me what you are up to.


8 Responses to “Superstar”

  1. curtis leasure Says:

    Hey Walker. I’m not donating shit to your computer fund because maybe instead of galavanting around the U.S. for two months you should have gotten a job and bought one! Also, you don’t own a car which pretty much makes you a 14 year old in my book. Hope Va-China is fun for you.

  2. Steve B Says:

    Now, that was a good post.

  3. lisab. Says:

    hilarious. yes, you are the American rock star in China. be careful to use your powers for good.

  4. usa!usa!usa!usa!usa!

  5. Amelia Says:

    Be humble in your greatness, big tall white dude in China.

  6. isaac Says:

    I will scrape together ten bucks for your laptop. But you should just get an ipad they are only 500 bucks

  7. lesley Says:

    When I read that post I kept thinking about the part in Spiderman 2 when Peter Parker was strutting around campus envisioning you doing the same things.

  8. CamCrump Says:

    I felt as if the story lacked a little action, and swooning on your part.

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