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Berkeley Public Library February 25, 2010

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I made it to Berkeley!  The trip thus far has been all it was talked up to be.  The Berkeley Public Library is great.  Right now I am trying to decide whether or not I want to use the not so great Berkeley Public Library Public Toilet…Which leads me to remember how much worse the public toilets were on my mission…Dad will be happy to know while in the library I did find some time to read.  I read a few pages from a Chinese book.  And others will be happy to know I spent triple the amount of time on the internet.


2 Responses to “Berkeley Public Library”

  1. Steve Bickmore Says:

    I am assuming you mean in California. What did you do with your bags?

  2. Walker Says:

    I have never been to the Berkeley Public Library. I am happy both that you read a book and that you spent lots of time on the internet, a habit I hope will continue because perhaps that will mean that you regularly update this blog. Which would be awesome.

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